The Bharat Army Story


In 1999 during the World Cup in England, 4 founder members of THE BHARAT ARMY came together. From different parts of England they would watch cricket passionately and follow the Indian Cricket Team around the world. The World Cup in 1999 was only the beginning…

As a result of their continuing support following Team India around the the world a friendship formed and we identified a need for a supporters group. That commitment was realised in 1999 when the 4 founder members set up the first Official Indian Cricket Supporters Group…The Bharat Army.

Over the years The Bharat Army has continued to grow its patriotic band of loyal supporters and become recognised by Team India and the global cricketing media as the Official Team India Supporters Group Globally.

2007 saw us welcome Akshay Loomba to the Bharat Army Team. Akshay encompasses all the values required to help us continue to grow the Bharat Army globally, he has a deep passion for cricket, he is tremendously patriotic and most of all an all round good guy!

2017 saw Bharat Army reach new heights by becoming an Official ICC Travel & Tours Partner (Bharat Army Travel) and expand out presence global offering Indian cricket fans a unique experience while following Team India around the world. The Bharat Army now have significant presence in UK, India, Australia, USA and UAE. The Bharat Army also now have presence across all social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube) as well as having our own TV Channel; Bharat Army TV (BATV).

One of the Bharat Army’s core objectives has always been to give back to India and via Bharat Army Foundation (BAF) we are committed to supporting the underprivileged children in India through Education & Sport.

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