Bharat Army at #CT17

Dear Bharat Army Members,

Welcome to the ICC Champions Trophy England & Wales 2017!

If this is your first ICC tournament experience with The Bharat Army we hope to make the experience a memorable one! If you have been on previous tours with us, then welcome again.

Following Team India at major tournaments with the Bharat Army is a unique experience, one that is hard to describe but an experience that we hope will leave you a sense of belonging, pride and patriotism whatever the results on the field.

To give you a sense of what you will be part of, we have almost 3000 people attending Team India’s group games with up to 1000 people travelling from outside England including fans from all over India, USA to Hong Kong, Singapore, and multiple countries in Europe!

To ensure you have the best experience we have given some guidelines to all those attending matches with us;

Bharat Army Ticket Distribution / Collection;
ICC deliver our tickets to us within 6 weeks of the tournament starting.

We will be arranging ‘Pick Up Points’ in Central London and Birmingham for Members to collect Tickets and Supporters Packs – These locations will be communicated to each ‘Lead Applicant’ directly in the coming week

Bharat Army Supporters Packs;
Each member who has purchased a full ‘Travel Package’ will also receive a Bharat Army Supporters pack which include a Match Day Shirt, Cap and Flag as well as some other goodies we have put together for you.

We encourage all members to wear the Bharat Army shirts and caps on Match Days as you will be sitting in a large group of members wearing the same and this adds unity to our supporters group but also helps identify you with our Tournament representatives on match days.

Bharat Army in the Stands
The Bharat Army will have blocks of tickets in the stands. To enhance your experience we have arranged for each Bharat Army block to have Dhol Players to add to your experience and atmosphere.

A copy of our ‘Song Sheets’ are available for you to download on our website so for those of you who are new to us and want to join in singing some of our songs you can learn the words and sing along with us!

Coach Journeys;
For those of you who have booked to travel on the Bharat Army coaches – These are also unique experiences!

We will be confirming pick up points and times to your ‘Lead Applicants’.

Please understand, if you are 1 minute late the coach will have to leave as we are on strict schedule and can not afford to spoil the experience for others. So please plan ahead and arrive to your specific coach pick up point on time.

#CT17 ‘WhattsApp’ Group
We will be starting a tournament ‘WhattsApp’ Group 1 week prior to the tournament kick off. This group will consist of Indian Cricket Fans from around the world attending the event that you can interact with and potentially meet but mainly for any support or help you may need for the Bharat Army Travel Team.

We will be sharing details of how to join this group in due course.

Bharat Army Pre Match Party
The Bharat Army often hold ‘Pre Match Parties’ prior to the marquee game during a tournament – in this case; India v Pakistan at Edgbaston on the 4th June.

We are planning a pre match party on Saturday 3rd June in Birmingham. All members who have purchased packages will gain free entry.

The venue has been confirmed as Zara Bar & Lounge on 91 Broad Street, Birmingham from 6.30pm

The Party is a fantastic opportunity to meet Indian Cricket Fans from all over the world and a great opportunity to learn some of our songs we sing in the stands and revel in the atmosphere the day before the big match!

Social Media Posts;
We encourage as many of you as possible to share your tournament Photos and Videos across our Social Media Platforms. We will be running a competition for the best Tournament Upload using the following Hashtags: #CT17BharatArmy & #BharatArmy so please post and share on our Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat!

Should you have any specific questions please contact our Tournament Team or email

We hope you have a fantastic time at #CT17 and amazing time being part of The Bharat Army! Keep that flag flying #WinLoseOrDraw

Rakesh Patel
Bharat Army Founder

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